Problem with unloading filament


Impossible to unload filament, the motor do not pull out the filament… The filament seems to slip on the wheel.
Everything is mounted right, I rechecked and unbuilt/rebuilt, it worked fine twice then suddenly went wrong.
What to do?


Can you pull the filament out of the extruder?
Do this only carefully (!) when you dismantle the nozzle and the peek element…



Well, actually, I tried but I couldn’t pull it out, I didn’t dismantled anything, just check the nozzle wasn’t clugged by gently pushing in the filament and started a job which goes fine.
Once it’s finished, I will try again to unload the filament…
I’ll let you know if that unloading pb persist


Provided the head is hot enough, you can generally pull it out by hand by releasing the extruder wheel.


If the flow rate was set too high, or something else caused a similar backup of filament in the extruder, the filament might form a bulb-shaped bulge on the end which may not fit through the feeder tube.


Actually, I have processed 2 jobs, it seems to work fine. I will try to unload it after the 3rd one that is running right now.
When I previously tried to unload I preheated up to 240, do you think that this bulb would not have melted?


If your using PLA it might not have been so good an idea. Before unloading the filament the procedure first extrudes a length of filament. If the filament is too soft the extrusion will form a blob before the metallic part of the nozzle and the filament will be stuck when trying to retract it.


HI, I have the same problem, can´t unload the filament, but the printer works fantastic, I can load the filament but always I have to disassemble the head to change the filament. It´s not possible to pull the filamnet out by hand. I don´t know what can I do.



The screw that holds the lever on the extruder is it to tight?