Problems printing black PLA filament


Hi Folks,

seems I found a solution for my problem:
I am sure there was something inside the nozzles which was bigger than the 0.35 hole.
After completely decompose the hotend (that’s unlikely not an easy task…) I used
the ‘Burnout’ method. Yes sounds hard, but I think this was the only way which helped.
I took a blowtorch and heat it nozzle up until the contained filament gets fire (if you
want to do the same do it outside!). Than I cleaned the inner surface with a dental
brush (used to clean braces).
Now I got prints which are pretty perfect!

My conclusion:

  1. Do not wait too long with a semi clogged nozzle. If it happens again and again
    do clean the nozzle in a right way!
  2. Next project: Build a foam holder to clean the filament in front of the extruder.

But nevertheless my black PLA material tends to a semi clogged nozzle.
So I do not use this material (vendor) anymore. It’s better to buy quality!

Many thanks to all of you for your tips and tricks!
It’s totally correct to consider everything what was said here.



Thanxs in advance![/quote]

Do I see a little warping there, what surface are you printing on?

You have a hotend drop in temprature, that is too much. Try lower you hot-end blower a bit while printing. I suggest run around 30-40%. Check power supply is delivering 15V and not 12V

Max Nielsen


I’m usig the black velleman PLA also, no specific problems here.

the warping can also cause nozzle clogging. the part comes up near the edges and the extrusion is obstructed.

Try calibrating the nozzle to buildtak surface, or replace the buildtak surface if worn out.

Trying to print too fast (filament compresses and expands and then jams inside the isolator) or too slow(filament melts inside the isolator) can also jam the nozzle.

And you are right, nozzle clogging can occur gradually over time, periodical cleaning is necessary (~every 50hrs).