Questions about VMA402 step up converter



I plan on buying a VMA402 step up converter but I’m not sure if it will suit my needs, and the datasheet doesn’t helps me enough.

I need to power a LM358N Op amp.
So I plan on using a 9V battery on the input of the step up converter and tune it (using the knob) to output 48V.

I have 3 questions regarding this module :

  1. I don’t know if the step up can really output 48V from 9V (by reading the datasheet I’d say yes, but I feel I’m missing something because its seems like a huge voltage conversion)
  2. How much intput current does it require ? The datasheet says 2 different values (2A - 3A which seems really high for a module designed to step up the voltage of a MCU)
  3. How would you advise me to power this step up converter ? (battery, powerbank, else ? (I need something relatively small and portable))

Thanks in advance for your help, let me know if you need further details,



  1. Yes, there’s no problem to convert 9V to 48V (will draw a lot of current tho @ the input side)
  2. current consumption depends on what your Op Amp circuit uses.
  3. Put the 9V batteries in serie to increase the voltage? Maybe a powerbank or a big LiPo, (maybe buy a Tesla battery pack :stuck_out_tongue: )

The power on the output must be similar to the input (without counting the efficiency of the switcher).
with the formula P=U x I we can do the following:
So if you consume for example 48V@100mA = 4.8W => 4.8W@9V = 530mA. (this is an ideal situation).
With that you should know what max current you will draw. So you can choose the best power supply for it.


Thanks for the quick answer !

  1. Alright ! After further search I will limit to 24V instead of 48V
  2. it’s a really small circuit, so there is not much current consumed (a little voltage display)
  3. I will finally use a 9V batterie to power the step up converter

The display consume 50mA, so 24V@50mA = 1.2W => 1.2W@9V = 133mA so in the best case as you said, so I’m good to go :wink: