Repair controller board after defective motor driver was connected

Hello, I’m trying to repair my controller board. I was probing around the driver while the power was on, and shorted something that killed the controller. I promptly bought a replacement and when power was applied the new board was disabled too. Apparently the driver board was damaged in a way that would cause this. I didn’t expect that. I then successfully replaced the ATMEGA2560 and tested the original to no avail. I then ordered new voltage regulators because that must be what’s wrong then… I removed the 7805ABD2T and powered it with 14 volts, and it seems to be in order also.

Im about to order new FTDI USB chips but with my luck they will prove to be in good condition also. I noticed the atmega doesnt have voltage and the LEDs next to the FTDI chip only stay on. Board files for CAD would really help me trace through every component and find the problem a lot easier than my hit or miss method. Schematics online differ from the silk screen on my controller board too.