Repetier-linux-k8400 gone wrong?

Hi all,

I am have a problem with the hotend home position on my k8400.

I do not use windows, only linux. So I installed the repetier software for linux on my PC. Cloned/copied all the setting from my Windows installation (virtualbox). (G-Code, printer settings and extruder settings)

Powered on the printer, clicked “home” at the manual control page, and this is were things went wrong. The head moved to the left and kept on going for a few seconds untill I was able to power the k8400 off.

I moved the head back to its home position manually. Bu now, when clicking “home” it moves to the left only and each time. Both in linux and in the original vertex software.

What happend? and how to fix this? Or did I destoy something?

The printer prints normal btw, no problems there.

OS: Ubuntu 19.04
Repetier software 2.1.6 appimage
K8400 fw 1.4

Found problem: optocoupler dirty