[Resolved] Y-axis strugles and vibrates

I’ve just finished my Vertex Nano K8600’s assembly this morning. I wanted to start by printing the Spool Holder light, but after 10min of work, I realized something wrong was happening : the layers were staggered :

This is how it should look like :

I’ve noticed that the Y axis struggles quite a lot to move so I’ve tried to fix it by resetting the belt tension, by checking if the pulley was well tight (and I broke my hex-key inside it !!! I’m a graduate mechanic, so I’m quite aware on how to use an hex-key but it still broke !), by checking if the rods are parrallel (0.05mm from one side to the other).

The problem remains. One thing I’ve also noticed is that the right brass slider is way loosers than the others, and I’me pretty sure it is the main problem : it make the Y axis having this “stick-slip” effet.

Any help would be appreciated !


Try to remove the zip ties from the Y axis rods, and lift them out of the holder. Are they still perfectly parallel?
If not, then have a look at this post from last year on how to fix it:

I had the same issue with my Nano, and this fixed it.

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Thank you very much for your very quick answer mikael !

I saw this trick with the heat gun already in the official manual : https://manuals.velleman.eu/article.php?id=676#MULTIPLE at this chapter : 3. The Y-axis (hotend holder) is not moving smoothly.
However I was scared to use a heat gun on my new 3D printer and to domage it.

But as you told me it worked for you, I’ve tried it… and it WORKED PERFECTLY ! :smiley:
It was easy to do (I warmed the back of the hotend holder for about 30s, then I moved vigorously the Y-axis back and forth for about the same amount of time. All of this without disassembling anything !).

Thank you so much for helping me and I’m so happy to see my printer working as intended now ^^

I hope this topic will help others, and if you have this issue, I highly recommand you this technic.

Best regards,

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You’re very welcome.
And thank you for the link to the troubleshooting manual. That didn’t exist when I built my printer. It looks like it also has a fix for the slight Z-wobble that I have.

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