Scanning FM frequencies with the MK194N?

We got an interesting question about our MK194N kit: “Can the receiver be placed in continuous search over the whole band (88-108 again and again) for hours on end without the search stop at a (strong enough) received station?”

Interesting question. However, the MK194N as a kit is not suitable for that, but we have other options:

The MK194N contains a FM/RDS RECEIVER MINI MODULE (MM100). You are able to interface any Arduino development board (like the Arduino Uno ARDUINO-UNO-R3 or it’s clone VMA100) with this module. We have written firmware for Arduino boards that you can find here: As you can see, it’s possible to set the frequency the module listens on:

radio.setChannel(1021); //listens to channel 102.1 FM

So, if you create a loop, checking every frequency (or increasing the frequency with one step every loop), you can continuously search the whole FM band from 88 to 108.

We also carry the SI4703 FM TUNER EVALUATION BOARD (VMA444) that can do the same thing.
Happy coding!