Second extruder not extruding


Hey there,

I have some issues with my second nozzle. I installed it yesterday and all looked fine. Nozzle heats up and reads temperature correctly. Now i try to load filament into this nozzle using the load filament option: The hotend heats up and platform moves down and the printhead smack in the middle of the buildplate. Then the extruder doesnt work sadly. I have tried using repetier sending all kinds of (suggested by others in this forum) yet but to no avail.
I tried moving the extruder cable from extruder 1 to extruder 2 and this works fine. I also checked the voltage and it was all ok. Even switching around the plugin driver boards doesnt fix the issue.

Please help


When you installed the driver did you plug it in correctly?
It mounts 180 degrees from the others