Settings not storing

I have just been trying to restart my printer, and it has been acting quite weird.
When I boot up the printer and set the temperatures for my PLA (1.75mm) to between 185 and 205 and store the settings, I heard the beep sound to say it stored them.

When I try to print something it just ignores these settings? and when I reboot the printer do i need to manually load them back in? Anyone got some insights on this?

You will need to change the temp in the slicer.
The Gcode will over ride the printer settings

Oh I see, why are the settings on the printer than? seems redundant than right?

I’m not real sure why that is maybe someone else knows.
If you want you can open the Gcode in notepad and edit it there instead of slicing it again.

Hmm I cant seem to find the setting for that.
Is it the print temperature? or is that for the nozzle?

Its set to 250 atm but I cant seem to find the filament temperature levels
under CuraEngine settings->cura->filament->temperature (in repetier)

Should be in filament Print Temperature
Don’t forget to save the settings.
See below

Also watch which profile you are saving it under

so I was looking in the right tab and the right parameter, just that the naming was different and confused me.

Should I be worried if something starts printing and the little filament ball test gets dragged along? is that to do with the temperatures?

That can be caused by a few things.
Your room maybe to cold
The BuildTak might be dirty (I clean mine with alcohol)
The calibration might be off (to far away from the bed)
What are you printing with that you need to change the temp?

Im doing regular PLA, but was on default settings cuz im relatively new to this. which put it on 250 while I read the standards for PLA are 200ish. I was getting some deformations and blamed it on the heat being too high. My room is pretty cold tho, i ll turn the heat up a little.

In my room I try to keep the temp around 74F or higher
I print PLA to 200C and that seems to work very well

I ve set it to the same temp and waited a bit for my room to heat up, should be about 22C about now. equivalent to 74F. lets see what happens. I amprinting something that requires me to stop halfway and change the roll. got any advice on that one? Even though its pretty offtopic

Actually that is not off topic.
The K8800 can do this from the menu.
Check this link.

Ah there is the info I needed. My print head just kind a scraped against the print and started floating up in circles going all wrong though… not quite sure what caused that just now… Might as well ask now taht I have your attention xD

In the manual did you do these steps?
Make sure you save the settings when you get done.

I have done those on multiple occasions, though I didnt have the heating on in my room which would lake it about 15C or lower in my room. Could this cause some sensors to misfire?

Not sure that it would mess with the sensors.
When you put the BuildTak on the glass did you trim it?
That will cause a problem.

I did y, but I was a bit late to notice I hadnt and it made some scratches. I wonder if i should get a replacement. You may remember an older post of me where the printhead was rotated 120 degrees… It made some scratches. I can take a pic after my print ends to show if you d like

If the scratch is not to deep or bad it may not matter.
You can always reposition the project so it’s not setting over the damaged area.