Several issues with my K8800

Creating new topic because issue in old topic was resolved. But still have some big issues.
Haven’t had a clean print since I bought the machine :frowning:

I haven’t really had much luck with the machine unfortunatly.
Of the 59 prints I have attempted, only 5 finished.

• The machine still parks ‘outside’ of the buildtak every time I start a new print One of the rods always comes loose when project starts, it heats up, calibrates and parks to heat up some more, but the second it parks, the rod snaps loose from the ball.

• While printing, with other filament (other brand) it still ejects the filament while printing now and then. <- resolved this by pulling out the connector that detects is, but not really a solution ofcource.

• The filament doesnt roll off sometimes, the printer continues printing but it doesnt have enough strength to unroll the filament (Had this on 2 occasions now, it just continues but no filament comes out. Very frustrating in 16 hour print jobs.) The first time this happened I wasn’t around to check on the printjob, so it just kept printing for 2 or 3 hours and eventually snapped the filament.

• On 3 occasions one of the rods just lets go while printing. The magnet comes off and the project is wasted.

Not much luck so far i’m afraid. Anyone have a clue where to find my answers?

Other issue:
Recieved new filament today, changed some setting when making the gcode (higher temp, thinner printing).bought a new printbed because the first one was all scratched.

Still no real luck with the printing. About 2 hours in, it just ‘shifts’ its printing a couple of mm.
No problem with the rods this time, all seemed to be fine.

Hi @anypc ,

We just added a part to our manual to address these specific issues.
You can check them here: These tips might be a big help to get the printer to work properly.

If you checked all of these tips, could you post some pictures of the results?

Kind regards,