Shifting layers


Yesterday I experienced some problems with my Vertex-printer. I printed for days without any problem and on my last piece it started shifting layers like you can see in the picture. Can someone tell me what the problem can be before I put the 7h job back on?





it could be several things
is your print warping?
if it warps your printhead will collide withe piece and shift
or some residu overhang materials that curl up and collide with your piece.
Try activating z-hop in your slicer settings


The print is not warping. The layers are just shifting.
I’ll try it again and see what’s happening.
I’ll let you know.




That could be a problem with one of your belts skipping a gear tooth. If you rotate the part 90-degrees before slicing, do the symptoms change?

I would inspect the belt and gear on the tower along the shift direction to see if there might be something stuck in a gear tooth, or some other mechanical issue.