(SOLVED) MK194 does not work

Hello, I just build this radio and it did not work. The LED is blue but there is no sound at all in the speaker. Just a little sssss. The only thing that happens is, if you klick for two second on swich 1,2,3 or4 , there is a little klick. Volume up and down does not work at all. RA1 is definitely in the right position. I already build some electronic stuff and they all worked, so I have no idea what in this case the problem is.
I uploaded some pictutres, maybe you notice an error.
The wire for the antenna is not seen on the pics, I know. But I think even without antenna, there must be at least a noise in the speaker.

For FM you really need an antenna unless you have a powerful station in the neigbourhood. A ssss-sound is typical FM so this sounds ok. That volume does not work, is not ok and strange. Try if you get some kind of real sound with a small FM antenna or a wire of about 20 or 30 cm.

Component placement looks OK, as far as we can see.
Unfortunately, the quality of the pictures does not allow us to spot any soldering issues.

Hello, the antenna did not change anything on the result.
I uploaded another photo, and I think in my case, there is a short between Volume up and scan. Please look at the latest image

This is not an error, those pins of the push buttons are connected.
Just wondering: what is the value of R6 (resistor next to the base of T1).
Should be yellow-purple-green (4M7). Looks yellow-purple-black (47 ohm) in your assembly.

R6 is yelloy purple green.
On this picture it can be seen

But you are right, on the first picture, it looks like yellow purple black.
This is an error from the cam. I did not change resistors.

I will measure all resistors and then we look again.

Hi all, I checked voltages (5 times +5V) and (1 time +9V) on the check points from the wiring diagram and they are all ok for me. I need more information which switch has which name, because the switch covers the name.
I removed the switch right to the 4 and it is SW3.
So for further investigation, could you please give me the information, which switch has which number?
4= SW3
decrease volume=?
increase volume =?
I don`t want to remove all the switches to get this information. For me it would be a lot easier, if the information is not covered by the switches. Thx a lot

Scan: SW1
Vol up: SW5
Vol down: SW7
1: SW6
2: SW2
3: SW4
4: SW3

Hello, the radio works. I messed up the connection between volume up and the ic. Therefore the sound was not loud enough. A friend of mine fixed it. Thx for help.

Does the radio work with the amplifier MK 190?

Happy to read it works.
Yes, most likely it could work with the MK190.

hi did you solve the problem l to have have a problem with mine if you could email me your photos l will add a couple of my photos here
my email is news4allan@gmail.com