Sticky primeblob: solution

I ran into issues with the primeblob.
Most of the time the primeblob sticks to the head.
In order to resolve this I added some gcode to start sequence.
The head goes up 10mm higher, and moves forward after that.
This way the head does not run into the blob.


G4 S3 ; Wait 3 seconds
G1 Z5 F2000
M117 Vertex Delta printing


G4 S3 ; Wait 3 seconds
G1 Z15 F2000
G1 X0 Y85  F2000
M117 Vertex Delta printing


Thank you!
Yes the start up sequence somehow changed with an update of Cura.
We’ll try to fix it with the next Cura update.

Best Regards,

If you have the old sequence, I would be happy to try it.
With larger prints my solution isn’t perfect.

It remains the same.
But it’s how cura handles stuff.

All right,

Keep us updated if this gets fixed.

To recap:

*Head moves to the edge,
*Primeblob is purged
*Head moves up
*Head moves down again in the blob
*Starts printing taking the primeblob with it


That’s the behaviour we’re seeing