Strange slicing result with dual extrusion


Hello all,

I’m a bit confused. I finally got my second extruder level with the first (it’s a second-hand printer and needed some work) and I was hoping to try a dual-extrusion print using Vertex Repetier.

I placed and combined the objects (just a humble Benchy, since that should be fairly foolproof, right?) just fine, but when I sliced using CuraEngine, my result looked like this:

Object placement on the left, slicing result on the right.

Can anyone suggest why this might be happening?

Thanks in advance!


Did you set Cura for 2 Extruders?


I did - it’s on the Vertex Dual Extruder setting. If you look closely you can see that the orange geometry (extruder 2) is inside a sort of outer shell from extruder 1. So it’s sliding for both extruders, it’s just generating additional geometry.


Are you talking about the wipe tower?


No, the wipe tower is expected. It’s cocooned everything in an extra single layer of filament from one extruder.