Support for 2 channel Velleman pc storage oscilloscope 32ms

I just un-earthed my 2 channel Velleman pc storage oscilloscope 32ms/s. The old one with a parallel port.
I can’t find the manual or the software for it and it doesn’t appear on the support pages here. Does anyone know where I could download them?

Thanks, Rob.

A part number for the scope would help.
Here is the link for the PCS500

And here is the link to download the software for the PCS32:

Unfortunately it doesn’t have a part number on it. That’s part of the problem.
But here is a photo of it; hoping someone can identify it.

Does this look like either of the part numbers suggested above?

It seems to be K7103.
The software for the PCS32 works for it too.
Select: Options->Hardware Setup
There select K7103 and select also the LPT port number where the oscilloscope is connected.
You’ll find the port number in the Device Manager.
For more info see:

If the installation program is not compatible with your Windows version, you can try following solution:
Download this ZIP package:
Extract it to a folder and run there WinDSO_FG32.exe.

The oscilloscope K7103 can’t be used with 64 bit Windows versions.

Thanks for your reply. It does seem to be the K7103, unfortunately it seems from this forum that i stand little chance of getting it working on my PC with no parallel port, running windows 10. Looks like I’ll have to replace it,

Thanks, Rob.