System Requieries

I Have the problem that the software stops working while i’m working in it.
What are the minimum requierments for running the software on my laptop?

This sounds like a video issue.
Try turning off the Filament view (see below)
Or copy the Gcode out to an SD card and print from there.

Hey, thanks for the reply
I do save my object in a Gcode on an SD card to print it. The problem is that the software stops running while I’m slicing my object.
I have the same problem with the Cura software, there I can’t even upload my object.
The “Hide Filament” button is not in my screen.

What are you trying to print.
Is it on a website somewhere?
Some objects are harder to slice then others.

It are self-modelled objects. I’m in a masterclass modelling and printing.
The teacher also doesn’t know the answer.

It would be easier if you could post your specs of your laptop.
Then I can say if it’s powerfull enough.


Seems like a powerfull enough Laptop
What version of repetier are you using?

I use the latest version.
This weekend I removed it from the system en did a re-download. Now it is working normally again.

Thanks for the tips en help