The PU-belt slips on the pulley

I have my vertex delta one week. I have done some good prints but all the last prints fails.
I think the problem is the PU-belt that slips on the pulley when the printhead moves over te print. This is an example of a print
We have tighten the Pu-belt multiple times with two persons.

What could be any solution for this problem?

Greetings Anton

Check the sleds oil them and make sure they can glide up and down.

The sleds are oiled and goes smooth

Did that help?
If not maybe you have the belts to tight.

I can bent the PU-belt 1/2" sideways to the otherside. This looks like a normal thension for me.

Does the cable have the proper twist in it?
Can you post a picture of the printer?

This may sound silly, but did you mount the belt with the teeth inwards?
Do you feel any odd resistance when moving the print head by hand in the X/Y directions?

I have moved the printer to a warmer room and now the problem is fixed thanks for your support.
Now i can start with printing some parts.

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