Thinking about buying an Velleman vertex k8400

hello guys im thinking about ordering the vertex this holidays i understand that is trickey to build it but that is not an problem for me :slight_smile: Is it a good printer for is money ?

If you have a some mechanical knowledge
I would suggest the machine.
Did you have a look for our other printers?
What kind of printer are you looking for?
Here are all our printers

Just my 2 cents.
All of the Velleman printers have there strong points and their week points.
I have built a bunch of them.
The K8200
Build time about 35 hours ( I had a lot of interruptions)
Very solid machine and very hackable with a lot of upgrades from Velleman.
downside is the resolution is not the best until you dial it in.
Comes with a heated bed and is a tank.
Great for a beginner but does require soldering.
I really enjoyed building this one.

The K8400.
Better resolution and still takes awhile to build no heated bed but better resolution.
Out of the box it only has one print head but Velleman sells and upgrade for dual print heads and an RGB light set.

The K8800
Very easy to put together I have built 4 of these and helped with another.
The build time is about 4 hours while watching TV LOL
A ton of features that makes the set very easy
Resolution is very good.

I hope this helps a little.