Titan and E3D V6 Clone

The current extruder assembly working but not ideal so was going to add a second one (will eventually remove the old) and it will be using an E3D V6 hot end clone rather than the direct drive Vellemen thing.

Question is this… has anyone fitted a remote Bowden tube extruder to their K8200 and any comments? I was going to print a MK8 type extruder (search for the Robin 3D printer) and use another NEMA17 stepper. Note 3mm filament NOT 1.75mm

The V6 mount will look like this one https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2353394

A RAMPS 1.4 and Full Graphic Controller upgrade too.

There is no reason why it shouldn’t work, but do youy mind my asking why you would use a Bowden on this machine?

The Z-axis on the 8200 is definitely strong enough to carry the weight of a direct drive setup, and there is no X-Y motion of the extruder, so it seems you won’t gain any advantage of moving the mass of the drive further away. In exchange, you will have all the trade-offs of the tube, which is just one more thing to give you trouble.

I have posted some write-ups with details about E3D (direct drive) and RAMPS 1.4 modifications. Both are straightforward conversions.

Found with previous extruder too much play in Z access so you see Z layer wobble artifacts in the prints. Don’t really want to go to all the hassle of dual Z axis etc just to try and solve it when this is an easier option, for what I am printing. Another reprap printer had converted to Bowden from direct drive and not looked back. Don’t need a direct drive as not printing flexi etc. just PLA. Would be interesting to read the details of the conversions you made where are they?

Here is my write-up on dual extruders that covers RAMPS 1.4 conversion. I used a pair of stock K8203s, which I later later upgraded with E3D V6 hot ends.

Here I document how to connect the 8201 display controller to the RAMPS board.

And here I discuss the adapter I designed for attaching the E3D to the 8203.

Hope this helps. Happy printing!

Thanks. K8203 look like very expensive option.

Will be using the LCD controller often obtained with RAMPS.

Thanks for all the info.

Most useful info thanks.

Right now looks like the extruder will be either the Robin and a MK8 set of spares or a both sides B2D version based on https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2289203 if it looks like need it. I will stick with 3mm filament but they both appear to be able to convert if needed. Not going to be using the K8200 or whatever this printer might be called after this for anything but PLA, I note the ABS comments. The V6 i have a 0.4, 0.6 and 1mm nozzle for it.
The RAMPS upgrade (8255DRV stepper drivers) looks like happening no matter what.