Trying to get the X Y and Z to zero not home


Hello all
I am new to the group.

I need to start off by saying that I do not have one of these 3D printers.

I have been using a MPCNC for on and off about a year now.
I was using Repetier Host v2.01 up til today.

I was having lost communication while the CNC was cutting. lossing a lot of wood.
There was no way to continue where it stopped.
Starting the cut over always seemed to be off just a hair, enough to be noticable.
I tried port settings and changing to USB cable, 3 different shielded ones.
checked for any interference, no luck.

Today in my quest for answers I came across a post that was helping someone else. it said he/we were using a down level software (0.84)
If this is true remove it and install this one 0.95F
and gave the link
this is the link to the post I found:

So I clicked linka and D/L this version of RPH.
It is much nicer and I set all the setting like I had in v2.01.
I always set machine to zero by getting the bit tip where I need it to start.
Then I would disconnect RPH and when reconnect it would be at zero XYZ.
then I could load file and cut away.

This version seems to remember the positon and when I try hitting home buttons, it sends my gantry crashing into the rails.

My Zero is different for each job, depending on the size of the board.
I may need 2,3 or more starts in the same zero for one project, rough, finish engraving, cutout.

I need to get more consistent with the machine. too many issues that are wasting wood. this is a hobby and friends and family love getting my hand made gifts.

I satarted out with my scroll saw for many years, but I needed to make more then time allowed, so I invested in the CNC.

Thanks in advance for any and all help and I hope I am able to use this version of the software.