USB drivers for Windows 10


Dear Madam, Sir,
We have problems with the USB ksr10 interface with Windows 10.
The USB ksr10 interface from 4 years back will not work with Windows 10.
Please, how we get new drivers to use the USB KSR10 interface with Windows 10 ?

Na jaren weer eens de USB KSR10 gebruiken.
Het blijkt dat de drivers niet werken onder Windows 10.
Hoe krijgen wij de USB KSR10-interface werkend onder Windows 10 ???
Graag een antwoord op

With our best regards,
Met vriendelijke groet,

F. Muller


Since you did not give any details and I do not have one of these I am taking a shot in the dark.
Windows 10 will not let you easily load driver without digital signatures and I suspect these are in that category.
Try this procedure below before loading the drivers to see if it will help.

  1. Windows Key + R
  2. Enter shutdown.exe /r /o /f /t 00 <-- These are Zeros Note the spaces
  3. Click the “OK” button
  4. System will restart to a “Choose an option” screen
  5. Select “Troubleshoot” from “Choose an option” screen
  6. Select “Advanced options” from “Troubleshoot” screen
  7. Select “Windows Startup Settings” from “Advanced options” screen
  8. Click “Restart” button
  9. System will restart to “Advanced Boot Options” screen
  10. Select “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement”
  11. Once the system starts, install the drivers


Dear Wrong_Way,

Thank you for your answere to install the drivers of the USB-Robotarm under Windows 10.
Thank you very mutch 10 times.
I have tryed many things and many hours without results.
Now it works.

Next question:
Do you know also how or with witch parameters the KSR10 Robotarm-USB port is connected by using, let we say; Visual basic 15 or Raspberry pi 3B ??
I will use the USB interface to drive motors or leds or something else from a self written program.
Do you have an idea ?

Thank you for your time and patient.

With my best regards.
Fred Muller
The Netherlands


Unfortunately I can’t help you with that since I do not have a KSR10.