Velleman k8097 do not reach 5V but 3.7V


We have recently bought the k8097 board to connect the MOTS4 motors. Once the board was mountes, we saw that the motors do not work. After checking the supply voltage of the integrated PIC18F4450 and the L6219 that go to the motors, we observed that they do not reach 5V but 3.7V.

Could this be the reason why we can not turn on the motors?




You should post clear pictures of the top and bottom of the board.
You should also use caution when using the MOTS4/SP and the K8097.
The MOTS4/SP requires 2.4 amps the K8097 can only supply 700mA continuous 1 Amp peak


I attach the required images.
Furdermore, I’ve connected the board to a tester in order to measure the pads of L6219. I’ve observed that when I move the motor (althought is not connected) with the program; the pad 24 gives 0V in all cases and the pads 1, 2, 5 and 21 too.


Sorry, the images are in the following link:

Did you check for continuity from the (+) side of BR1 to pin 24 of the ICs?

There is continuity from the (+) side of BR1 to pin 24 of the ICs. This pin 24 is what feeds the motors, isn’t that right? So, I have to put an AC to the motors?