Vertex Delta issues

Hello fellow 3d maniacs! I have a problem/question.

Last saturday i recieved my Vertex Delta K8800! Super exciting! :smiley: I’ve followed all instruction did all calibrations trought the manual and did my first print. I printed benchy and noticed that the extruder motor was ticking halfway trough the print but i’ve let it finish. The result was sad because it didnt extruded enough filament i guess?
After that i’ve unloaded the filament loosend the “loose” screw on the extruder motor and reinserted the filament. This seemd to help a bit but not every print. Any tips to prevent the extruder motor from ticking? i’ve heard that you can up the temp to prevent this? (i’m using PLA btw)

Last night i noticed that every print was failing. Only 1 out of 13 printed properly. Especialy when i’m printing in the middle of the bed it’s a mess. It’s doesnt seems leveled properly so it drags all filament all over the plate for it’s initial layer.

But i’ve calibrated before every print:( When i print on the side of the bed it seems to work better. (the one print that didn’t fail) A few times it even jammed the nozzle trough the buildtak which is now sadly ruined. (a cut right trough the middle) Anyone knows if this can be replaced under waranty? or do i have to buy a new one after 3 days use :weary:

Do you guys maybe have some tips for proper calibration? I do calibrate height, auto calibrate and then save settings.

The buildtak plate is now a warzone. And for when i replace it i would love to recieve some tips on how to clean it properly and remove finished prints:)

I hope someone can shine some light on the topics! Thanks in advance!!