VERTEX DELTA K8800 issues

Hi, I struggle with this printer and can’t make it work properly, printing quality is terrible,

  1. Before starting print it fuses big drop of fillament on the far side of a base, after starts moving it carries that big drop around unless I physically removing it.
  2. When printing box for test, head fusing too much fillament for one edge and for oposite too thin. I spent days on calibration, mechanical parts reviews, belts tention, height sensors etc…
    Calibrated everything and fallowed manuals multiple times, feel really dissapointed…
    It seems the further from the center the more inaccurate printing becomes, one side gets too much fillament and oposite one almost none…
    Please help if you had similar issues. Even if I print small part, one side of the wall is smaller in height then the other.

Can you post a picture of the printer?

Hi, sure:
Software: Marlin 1.1.4
Board K8800

For first issue sollution seems to be here:

For second have not found, there are some fine tunning videos, sounds too complicated from first sight, I expected it will auto calibrate and all will be fine, turns out not so easy :smiley:

I player around with .gcode file contents. Removed a lot of instructions from startup, so that it won’t spill too much fillament before print, wont do a blob. Calibration seems taking no effect to me either. Cold cleaned nozzle, wiped outside…
Manually adjusted z axis to 0.4 right before printing (was 0.2 originally), then finally full surface was done. Not perfect, but decent enough:

Down and left side looks perfect, while oposite has some stains, not sure if base is not equal or what is causing it exactly…
Full object first time was printed also quite well considering attempts before.

I would be greatful for any advice how to improve it further. Seems that printing stops at times while fillament being taken, I think that caused some visible issues with the part that is visible on a link.

normally the pfte tube goes into the cable sleeve.
Secondly, in order to calibrate you printer:

  • make sure your belts are tighened, definitly the Z axis(the on at the extruder.)
  • oil the rods and balls: move the head upto the bed, add oil to the bushings, oil the rods on each end.
  • check the sensitivity with the knob, then calibrate, calibration should take more than 10 runs.
  • second calibration should take 3-4 runs.