VERTEX DELTA K8800 Problem with repetier server


i am running the VERTEX DELTA with the downloaded Vertex Delta Repetier V2.0.5 host. When I connect the printer by USB (seriell connection) i can work well.

I have then installed the included repetier server and connect the above host to the server. The printer is connected to the server by USB and I configured the printer with the setup wizard.

I am not able to do any print job nor I can manual move the VERTEX Delta.

What has to be the configuration for the VERTEX DELTA within the repetier server that I can run the system in the same way as if the repetier host is directly connected to the 3D-printer by USB.

Thanks you in advance for help.

Best regards


I have the same problem. Repetier server indicates that it has connection with the k8800, but it does not respond to commands. Nor does it show the temperature correctly. I have succesfully connected the k8200 to repetier server and would like to add the k8800 as well. Any help would be appreciated.


I think I just figured it out. The baud rate (automatically detected) was set at 250 000, but it needs to be 500 000. When setting the baud rate correctly, it responds to the home command (and I expect all other commands)