Vertex Delta lithophane print issues: head touching the print

So I’m trying to print some lithophane picture for the holidays, but I run into some issues.
To show my issue: Vertex printing issue.

The problem is the imperfections on the left side and I hear the head touching the printed object.
When printing the base there is no issue, when printing the thin middle section I have the issues.

Filament is polymaker polylite white.
I tried changing the following:

  • better filament
  • increase z-hop distance to 0.4
  • Temperature at 200°C
  • recalibration before each print
  • print speed 45mm/s
  • retract speed 30mm/s
  • layer hight is 0.15.

any idea’s

I restarted the print because it failed.
When priming the nozzle, the most right bar on the left side (x-axis?) of the display, disconnects for a mm or 2.
It remains the same after calibration.
So a possible source of the issue.

Do you mean that your diagonal rod disconnects from the magnet when priming? If so check all the nuts on your diagonal rods en tighten them again. Also check if all off your belts are still tight, if not tighten them all again.

Hopes this fixes your problem!

Indeed the diagonal rod disconnects.
The nuts are the first thing I checked.
I will tighten them again and the belts.
I’ll keep you updated.

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Tightening the bolts and tightening the belts seems to solved the solution of the dislodging rod.
I will do some new test this weekend.

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So I did some test prints, and they weren’t really ok.
So I checked the top bolts and thightened them a bit more.
Af this I retightened the belts again and now it’s printing quite descent.
I still have some layer shifting on smaller prints, larger prints don’t pose an issue.
The shifts happen in the direction of the z-axis.
Anyone an idea on how to fix that?

There maybe a break in time.
Oil the rods and run them up and down or just run a few more print jobs.

I have printed about a spool of 500gr, so break-in should be over:grinning:
I noticed the following:
Printing lithophanes standing gives issues when using 0.2 layers, but not with 0.1.
Printing the lithophane (112x80x3) with the 3mm side pointed to the 2-axis gives layer shifts, pointed ot the x or y axis, no layer shift.