Vertex Delta not in Cura 4.x

The page says to download Cura, and during installation select the Vertex Delta K8800. The article says “We have added printer settings and printing profiles for the Vertex Delta so it fully supports our printer.”

When I download Cura 4.4 (the latest) this printer is not present, but if you look closely at the screenshots in the instructions, they were using Cura 3.3, so I downloaded 3.6 (the latest 3.x) and sure enough, the printer is present. So I’m able to work because I downgraded my Cura.

Since Velleman apparently needs to add printer settings for Cura to support it out of the box, I tried contacting their support, but their support is only for direct customers, so posting in this forum is my only option.

  1. Does anybody know the correct manual / custom settings so I can manually add the Vertex Delta K8800 to Cura 4.4? (It would be nice to use the latest version).
  2. Does anybody have access to update the wiki page, or contact support, so they can update the wiki page?
  3. Ideally, someone who knows how would also add the K8800 back into Cura, so the printer will be recognized by default.



Installed Cura 4.4 this weekend and the printer was in the list.
I would suggest to uninstall everything from cura and try again.

Thanks, by any chance, did you have an older version of cura installed before? Because what I’ve found is: As mentioned before, I started by downloading 4.4.0 for mac, it didn’t have the vertex delta, then I downloaded 3.3.6 and it had the printer. Then because you said so, I downloaded 4.4.1 and launched it. Without needing to make any selections, it already had the vertex delta loaded. So it seems, it remembers the settings from 3.3.6.

I’ll also point out that during installation it showed a changelog, and from 4.4.0 to 4.4.1 there were some bugfixes, but nothing related to this. So I think the problem is still present in 4.4.1, but a workaround is to temporarily downgrade to 3.3.6 and then upgrade again.

I’m on windows 10, not mac os.
I started with cura 4.3 before, but I uninstalled everything and remove the all data before I installed 4.4.
I unpacked the windows version and the profiles where present, can you check the Macos version?
Definition should be in resources\definitions folder.

Ok, I figured it out. In the mac version of Cura, the printer is listed under “Velleman N.V. / Vertex Delta K8800.” I was previously searching under “vertex” and “other” and everything I could think of except Velleman, which in retrospect seems like it should have been obvious.

Thanks for helping…

Happy to help, have fun with the printer.