Vertex Delta schematic and PCB file

Hi all, long time no see.
My printer is working fine and I really like it but… it’s LOUD.
This is why I’ve always wanted to upgrade it to silent stepper drivers but sadly the ones that are in are soldered and they are DRVs which means there are no pin compatible solutions.
If there was an upgrade option made available by Velleman I would immediately buy it but I guess no employee time will be invested in this rather old machine at this point.

The schematics for the printer are available here but in order to carry out such an upgrade I would also need a board layout file to modify it and order the new PCB with typical stepper driver headers.

Hence my question to Velleman: Can you please provide me with the board layout file? Also, I’ve seen that people rather technically involved with those printers sometimes visit this forum. If you happen to know of any problems or issues that might pop up with using different drivers (maybe you’ve tried it already) please, do let me know. I think this would be a huge quality-of-life improvement for an otherwise excellent machine.