Vertex Nano Talk



We’ve announced our new printer: Vertex Nano!

Let’s talk about it!

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I am not sure, for what this printer should be?
I mean, the size of the bed is small.

BUT! you are going for a real hot end, that is a nice idea.

I am looking for something bigger and so I have to build one myself, since BigBox is not on sale at the moment.

So for me, this printer is a nice gimmick for the boss’ desk, to show his technical openness.

What is the recommended price?




We’re targeting this for the people who want to start 3D printing.
and for the younger ones at school.

Indeed because of it’s size you can easily use it at your desk.

The SRP (Suggested Retail Price) is 350€

Best Regards


Hi VEL337,

I guess, if started with 3D printing, the user will find out that 350EUR are wasted, since for 100EUR more, you get some Prusa Clones with heat bed, normal print bed size etc.
With my K8400, I have the space I need for printing, that is enough at the moment.
But having E3D stuff added to the K8400 makes it a real good 3D printer.

I thing, for people who do not like to change and improve a little printer, i will probably work.
Have the little printer on the desk is even more an eye catcher, despite the smell and noise while printing.
But as a gimmick really nice.

But if one is more interested in improvements, and experimental stuff, the Nano is not made for that (which is was not designed for).

I guess, a larger K8400 would be good idea.



Looking at the pictures, does this mean the Nano will have an improved hot end? Will there be an upgrade kit for the K8400?


Yes the Nano will have a full metal hotend.
With a 0.4 nozzle.

We’re focusing us now on the Nano.
A upgrade kit will be looked at a later date but we can’t tell if we will do it or not.


For me the retail price is to high and whitout a heated bed is printhing with ABS impossible.

I hope the metal hot ends are better quality than the hot ends on the vertex k8400 because they are rubbish


today I got my Nano ready and it was great surprise to me from the very first print everything were ok. I have used K8200 updated with 400 step motors, machined pulleys and fibre reinforced urethane ( I think ) belts as well as trapezoidal Z-screw very much. I have been very happy with it execpt when making small parts. Nozzle is std 0.5mm. Now I tested small parts with Nano and liked a lot. Yes, it may be expensive but I just wanted to try it. Now I have tools for small and big projects… :slight_smile: There were some issues when building, but more story to come after Xmas. Today I made some tests using 0.1mm layers and 0.8mm shell thickness. Especially I liked loading and unloading filament. With K8200 it is sometimes pain in the a… if filament breaks. My K8200 will be updated with watercooled extruder, ready for installing for year but had not time to test it. :frowning:
See links so You can see my needs… … DuaOBTO3Rx … 4yP4WKKfHk

Btw is there any way to use Slic3r with Nano?
Rgs, KR


After some weeks I finally decided to buy the Nano.
After two years of being very satisfied using my Vertex K8400, I found the announcement about the new Nano.
When I saw the very small but solid construction, I thought about buying this little brother of the big K8400 to have a 3D printer which would be more transportabel for events.
So I ordered it on sunday, receiving it yesterday about 11.00 and immediately started to build it. Again like with my old K8400, the assembly instruction was very good described step by step. Only at one point, it was frustrating. The 4 parker screws (3x5 mm) with which the Y-axis holder should be screwed with the side parts, were not included in the kit. Normally, I would had to stop with building the printer. Fortunately, I had 3mm screws, only a little bit longer, but I cutted it to be 5mm long. So I build the printer ready until 22.00 in the evening. The K8400 I build in 5 days, now the Nano in one day. Today, I made the first run. After calibrating the Z-Axis (very much thanks to Velleman that now the Z-Axis could also be moved without a PC and the repetier software!) I started printing the spoolholder parts. The axis are very silent, only the fans are clearly to hear.
And most important: The printing is very accurate!

One question I still have: When arriving the auto home position, the printer makes some little crashing noises for 2 or 3 seconds. Is it normal? But the endstops were correct mounted, I assume. Otherwise all step calculation would be wrong and the printing would be not good. But the printing is really excellent.
So Velleman, can you confirm that?