VM 211 Sensor Print BME280 (Earth Listener)

I have problems assigning the sensor prints to the labels in the description. They are the designations BME280 CCS811 and AS3935.Also in the construction manual is a confusing name of the Sensor Print. In the contents list, the designations are BME280 CCS811 and AS3935, but in the manual VMA343 and VMA42.
However, there are only 2 sensor prints available. I suspect that is the smaller print of the BME280. Now for my problem.
I can not find anything about the Sensor Print BME280 and the jumper. There are 2 jumpers JCS and JSI. What function do these have?
Thanks in advance for the information.

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The Earth Listener works now. I have connected the sensor CCS811 wrong. As a result, the program did not continue after the 3 colored start display.

Did not pay attention to the exact order of the connections. When comparing the name I discovered the error.

So important to have the connections correct :wink:

Good you got it working.