VM 8095 Button Programmer Bug



when i connect my vm 8095 to my pc using the vm8095programmer and select to play preset A the player always plays the file from folder B. The LCD Display also shows B.
This happens for various buttons:

A -> B
B -> B
C -> C
D -> D
E -> C
F -> F
G -> G

is there any way to fix this?
I already tried to change and update the buttons and change it back to the right preset but this won’t fix the problem.

I bought 6 vm 8095 and this bug occurs on 2 of the 6 players.



It seems the buttons are reassigned to play files in these folders.
Please see manual p.11: “Procedure to re-assign a preset push button”.

For example, when the audio file in folder A was ended or the Pause button was pressed, then if any of the buttons B-G is pressed long, the folder A will be assigned to this button.

You can reset the unit to its original factory settings:

  1. Disconnect the power adaptor.
  2. Press the Play button and keep it pressed when the power is connected again on.
  3. Now you should see on the LCD text “FACTORY DEFAULT”.
  4. Then release the play button.


Thank you very much! I was able to reassign the correct button. Is there any way to disable or lock the reassign function?


I’m sorry, there is no way to disable the function.
At the moment the only way to prevent button reassignment is short press of preset buttons…