VM167 Dual cards not working


I have a problem getting 2 cards to work in the same PC. It maybe similar to the problem in the call below …

Basically I can only have 1 card working at a time …

There is a program already running talking to Board 1 (No jumper)
When I run another program with a board (Jumper installed) it will not connect.

Driver Version (Can’t find any others?)

Need this working ASAP!



Are both of the cards found simultaneously if you run the DEMO167.exe program?


If I open the Demo program on its own it will detect both cards.
If I open my program first and then the demo program it says card open error
If I open the demo program first (both cards detected) and then my program I get card open error in my program.

So, is there some way of “Telling” each program which address to use?


I’m sorry, it seems the USB driver and/or the DLL can’t serve two separate applications simultaneously.


So any ideas how I can do this?
Do you offer another board?
Can the DLL be updated?
I can’t be the only person that has tried this?


I think the best solution is to control both cards from a single application…


Unfortunately this is not possible. The 2 programs have totally different functions. Do you know of any other cards that I could use?
I only actually need 1 digital input in both of the programs… each program connects to a simple optical sensor or button. maybe there is another way I haven’t thought of!


You could use the combination VM167 + VM110N.


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