VM167 - Visual Basic 2008 Express

I have recently received this interface board, and successfully loaded the drivers on to my Windows 10 laptop using the SDK. The demo program runs as expected. However, I have put together a small Visual Basic program, using the DLL library calls in the pdf document, but on running the program in debug mode, at the first call to a DLL function Open() an exception is generated with the following message:
“An attempt to load a program with an incorrect format Exception HRESULT: 0x8007000B”. I have tried placing the VM167.DLL in alternative locations, e.g SysWOW64 and System32, as well as placing a copy in the project folder, but the behavour is unchanged.
It seems to me that Visual Basic 2008 Express does not like the VM167.DLL file that has been supplied as a download from your site. I would be greatful for some indication of how the get the routines in this DLL rcognised by Visual Basic
Many thanks,

It seems the issue is that VB 2008 is building the project to compile on “Any CPU” and the DLL is intended for x86 systems only.
Your project needs to be compiled for x86 systems only.
Please do the following to resolve the issue:
In the Tools --> Options --> Projects and Solutions–>General Check “Show advanced build configurations”
Select Tools --> Settings --> Expert Settings to see the Build option
In the Build menu click Configuration Manager…
In the Active solution platform select New…
Select x86 from the first ComboBox
Click OK