VM201 - doesn`t work with IOS 11



I made yesterday the update to IOS 11. After the installation the App VM201 dosen´t works.
The comment which i got at my phone ist: The Developer has to update the App to work with IOS 11!

My question now is, When will you update the App, or is there another solution. I use the App with the external port.

Thx in advance for yout help.

Greetings Marcus


We are busy with upgrading the App
Sorry for the inconvenience


Hi, at first thanks for your quick answer. When do you think will the App be ready?
I bought the VM201 for 179,- Euro and can´t use it right now with my phone. I hope you will understand that I am
be a little bit angry…

Sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:


I understand. The app was developed by a 3th party. We contacted them. But we aren’t getting a repsonse.
I can’t give a date for a release at the moment.


J’ai le meme probleme pour une utilisation professionnelle
Quand la mise à jour sera t elle faite pour ios 11 ?


When will the update be there …
We use this for many professional projects !!!


We pushed the update to the Appstore. It will take a few days to be available.


Thx for the update :+1:t2:


Your welcome =)
If there are any bugs you want to report feel free to do so.


After the installation the App for iPhone “VM201” it dosen work.
There comes “Connection info: please verify the ip:”
My VM201 has the ip:
Where can I change the ip on the iPhone-App?
If it is not possible to change it, I have to give it back.

Thx for yout help.

Greetings NRAC77


Go to your phone Settings there you scroll down untill you see the app. Click on it and there you should be able to fill in your info


Thank You for Your prompt answer and Your help.
After chance of the ip in the “VM201”-App -as You described-,
the VM201 now works even with iPhone and iPad!
Very usefull thing for “house automation” over VPN.

Greetings NRAC77