VM202N forward button restarts song instead of playing next


my VM202N MP3 Jukebox behaves strangely:

  • when i press the forward button it restarts the current song instead of playing the next song
  • the led blinks on playback and is on continuously when paused

the rest works as expected.

since the device is sparsely equipped with only three buttons, the lack of the forward button renders the player useless. also the current led behaviour is counter intuitive.

useless to say, that i suppose my wiring is correct.

can anyone point me to what my problem may be?




What happens if you press the ‘back’ button, does it play the next song?
Check button wiring and resistor values of the supplied resistors.
To avoid strange behaviour, keep the wiring between buttons and board as short as possible.


hi vel417,

thanks for your reply. the back button works. it jumps to the previous song. the play/pause button works too, it pauses or resumes playback.

the next button doesn’t use a resistor. i tried bridging the pins for the next button with a jumper to no avail: same behaviour, it restarts the current song.

any clues?




Very strange.
Are the songs in the same folder?
Did you try putting them all in the root?

Did you try with a different USB stick?

Basically, either this unit works or it doesn’t, and if it doesn’t, then there is not much we can do about it, apart from exchanging it.
If the problem persists after you’ve checked the above, please return the unit for exchange.


i did some more experimenting: the problem with the next button persisted even after i used a different usb stick and sd-card. i used the same mp3 songs in the root folder of the stick and card as well as in a subfolder. all songs were played back without a problem, only the next button did not work.

when i tried a different set of mp3 songs it started working, so the problem seems to occur only with certain mp3 files i was playing back, very odd…


Indeed very strange.
Were the files very large, very small or in a particular bitrate?