VM211 anyone implemented realtime clock VMA301


The assembly manual states:
Options, coming soon!

  • Arduino compatible 3 colour RGB SMD LED module (2pcs)
  • UV light sensor Guva-S12SD module
  • DS1302 real-time clock module / with battery CR2032 (2 pcs)

Has anyone started to implement the Realtime module VMA301?
It would really improve the value of the logging data.


Got a VMA301 and fitted it in the Earth Listener like this:

Tuck the cable under the Arduino:

First I bent the male connections, like this:

but THAT is not a good idea, they break easily, so in the end I soldered a pin to the wires and isolated them from each other by a small drop of hotglue.
(No picture of that, the box is already closed).

I am using 3 analog pins A13…A15. They can be used as digital pins:

  • pin 67=A13 VMA301 label RST
  • pin 68=A14 VMA301 label DAT
  • pin 69=A15 VMA301 label CLK

So far the hardware. And sofar for now.