VM211 Earth Listener - VMA343 Lightning sensor does not report any lightning

Have been running the Earth Listener for a while now at firmware level 3.4.
Recently there were quite some thunderstorms here.
None of them were reported by the lightning sensor.

The sensor is reported in the serial monitor like this:

***AS3935 sensor feedback***
Scanning at address 0x03, please wait...
Scanning complete, I2C device found at address 0x03
Starting setup procedure ...
wrt: 0 Act: 0
wrt: 20 Act: 20
wrt: 0 Act: 0
wrt: 24 Act: 24
Configured used for indoor operation
wrt: 0 Act: 0
disturber detection enabled
wrt: 0 Act: 0
wrt: 9 Act: 9
capacitance set to 8x9
AS3935 manual cal complete
Printing out Reg vals:
Reg 0x00: 36
Reg 0x01: 34
Reg 0x02: 194
Reg 0x03: 0
Reg 0x04: 0
Reg 0x05: 0
Reg 0x06: 0
Reg 0x07: 63
Reg 0x08: 9

Done sofar:

  1. try different values (72, 56 and 112 ) for #define AS3935_CAPACITANCE

  2. Different locations in the house.

Disturbance is not reported either (good sign I think).

This issue is slightly related to:
[VMA343 Lightning sensor missing product info and datasheet](vma343 Lightning sensor missing product info and datasheet)

@velleman Could the VMA343 have some defect, what should I do?

I have the same issue. Where you able to solve it?

Nope. I hope Velleman support can help us.


The value you should use with the EarthListener is 72pF, since that is being used on the board.
Detection of lightning is limited by insulators, such as the case. We therefore recommend to mount the VMA343 sensor outside of the EarthListener. There are small cuts in the case to wire the connectors to the inside. We will update the manual soon describing this option.

We can also suggest changing the setting indoor/outdoor, since the sensor seems to give better readings in the outdoor mode. We are still investigating this and will report in our manual with our findings.

Kind regards,

@VEL342 Thank you Pieter,

Will first try setting “outdoor” because that does not need hardware change. And now waiting for a thunderstorm.
Temperature is high enough.

Kind regards,

On my unit, the problem is the same.
And I tested with a Piezo element from a sigaret lighter.
This should be the same as lightning. However no effect whatsoever.
I’ve seen a movie on Youtube, showing that a spark from Piezo-element has effect.

Setting my Earth Listener to “outdoor” did not help. A few days ago we had a good thunderstorm rather close; no detection registrated.