VM8095 does not recognize files on SD card again

After receiving a VM8095 module that did not recognize files on SD card, I received a new module. This also ran smoothly in the first two tests. Before the final installation in the case, I have now again made a test and again the device does not recognize files. I have tried an 8GB micro card in the adapter and a 128 MB card. All the MP3 files I have processed with the ID3 Remover, the cards were formatted using the SD Card Formatter of the SD Association. When working with the module I have always worn an ESD bracelet. Damage caused by static electricity can be excluded. For power supply I use a 12V DC adapter with 1.5A.
What can i do?
Do I have to worry about the second module being broken?

You said you are using a micro SD card.
When you change it are you removing the card and the holder or are you removing the micro card with out the holder?
The reason I ask is if you remove just the micro card the VM8095 will not know the card has been removed.
Is the micro SD card properly seated in the holder.
You might try just a regular SD card.

I removed the micro card with holder and i tried a regular SD card without success.
it looks like the SD card reader is a general problem with the VM8095.
Let’s see what the support team says.
If there is no solution I have to return the module and look for another technical solution for my mp3 player, for example Raspberry Pi.

You may try if restoring the player’s original factory settings can help:

  1. Disconnect the power adaptor.
  2. Press the Play button and keep it pressed when the power is connected again on.
  3. Now you should see on the LCD text “FACTORY DEFAULT”.
  4. Then release the play button.

If the file attribute is set ‘Hidden’, the player doesn’t see the file.

I restored the orginal factory setting without success.

wrong file attribute can not be the reason, because the same files run smoothly in the first tests

This is very strange problem indeed.
And it’s also very difficult to solve remotely.
If you wish, you can return the unit for inspection/repair to:

Velleman Projects Tech. Dept.
Legen Heirweg 33
9890 Gavere