Vm8201 installed now having issues

Installed a vm8201 yesterday…I also have the z axis upgrade, 1.75mm filament stuff and led ring installed.
Editted the v2.3 firmware so the extruder moves the correct direction and altered the issue with the fpos_t coding. Uploaded that all fine and well and reset the eeprom setting.

Went into the slicer software and added a new ini for the 1.75 filament with no issues.

Sliced the files for the vm2801 enclosure, put them on sd and went to print…started off fine then stopped on the 2nd layer.
Temperatures were fine but nothing moved until i returned to repetier and connected to my laptop.
Turned off the laptop again and a short while later everything stopped again until i reconnected repetier via laptop…
After a few repeats of this I noticed the print had jumped over about 4mm on the x axis though that is possbily due to the stops resulting in nice big blobs of plastic sitting on the print and hitting the nozzle.

I’m open to ideas…it seems everytime i leave it printing off the sd card the whole thing will freeze until the laptop is reconnected.

Do you have the computer connected while printing from the VM8201?
If so try disconnecting the cable before you start the print job.

Sorted now thank you…the secret was unplugging the printer end. If I leave a usb in the printer it stops.
I’ve also added a usb powered fan blowing over the powerbrick and away from the printer so the brick can no longer be used to cook on.