i have your VMA 402 DC-DC STEP-UP SPANNUNGSREGLER LM2577 https://www.velleman.eu/products/view/?id=435562&country=be&lang=de

I would like to transfer an voltage 17,2V to 42V (Peak power tracking range 24V~42V) from my Solarmodul at current I nenn = 1,25A, because this is the MPPT Maximum-Power-Point-Tracker optimum voltage for my grid-tie-230V Micro-Inverter Envertech EVT 248 (manual here: https://solar-pac.de/WebRoot/Sage/Shops/solar-pac/MediaGallery/download/EVT248_User_Manual.pdf) to use my produced energy by my self.

My question: VMA 402 is the output voltage in the not regulated mode idle voltage proof? Because in literature i read it is possible then to damage components, with each clock-cycle energy will pumped into output condensator, if my MPPT-solar converter will not start under this level.
Is this possible?

an other question:

I would like to use your VMA 402 with an Solarmodule with more current I nenn = 6…8A. May it be possible to use 2-3 VMA in parallel or serial to reach this current-level for usage with an bigger 80W solarmodul 17,2V with my micro-inverter EVT 248 below?

Thank you very much for your answers!
kind regards,