VMA100 gives me 5 volt PWM. Need 10 volt PWM



I have succesfully installed, configured and experimented with a VMA100.

My goal is to regulate a Mean Well HLG-185H-C1400B led power supply using either a PWM signal of 10 Volt or a DC voltage ranging from 0 V to 10V.

My VMA100 now produces a PWM signal from which the duty level I can control from my schetch.

However, The Mean Well device needs a 10 Volt PWM signal.

Any suggestions on how to boost a 5 Volt PWM signal to a 10 Volt PWM signal?

Hope te hear, Adriaan.


The VMA100 can only output 5volts.
You may want to look at the VMA411.
You might need a separate power supply


Thank you. Just what I need!


Glad to help.
Good luck with your project.