VMA11 example library

Created this category, because a lot is to say about the VMA11.

I got the board working, it is a great receiver and amp. Very reasonable quality, and no noise from the processor. Very nice if you want to build your own featured FM radio.

The example program has settings for USA / Europe mixed up. Ideally, you should correct them in the library.

Depending on your region (USA, Europe, other parts of the world):

  • the FM band starts and ends on different frequencies. That is important for the auto-seek function to work correctly)
  • the channel separation is different (100kHz / 200kHz). That is important for the tuning. In the example it defaults to 200kHz, so you can only tune in frequencies that end on an even number (97.2 97.4 etc.). For Europe, that should be 100kHz, then you can also tune into 97.1 , 101.3 etc.
  • the de-emphasis time constant is 50µs in Europe. This is important for the Hi-Fi sound quality. Default in the library is 75µs.

I will try to find some time to change and update the library…

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