VMA203 LCD & KEYPAD Shield

Just got the LCD working from Raspberry pi, LCD works as long as I have the backlight on (set_backlight to 0, I know that throws me off too). But with it off, I can’t see it. Is that normal?

Next question, any help on the A0? not sure which pin to wire that to.
-Software person

There is a trimmer at the top of the unit for contrast try adjusting that for the screen.
I’m not sure A0 will work with the Pi there are voltage divider for the different buttons.
If you look at the code for the Arduino you will see what I’m talking about.

Yeah, the trimmer only adjusted with back-light on. Didn’t seem to do anything with the back-light off. I can settle for have the back-light always on.

And I was afraid the a0 was going to be more complex to work for the Pi. Would have been perfect for my application.