VMA314 PIR motion detector : trims?


I bought 2 VMA314 modules yesterday.
No documentation…
There are 2 trims for sensibility and ON duration.
But which trim is for what ??
Thanx for your answer…
Most generally, a minimalist doc for each module would be really necessary !




RP1 is for adjusting the delay: “ON TIME”.
RP2 is for adjusting the sensitivity.


VCC => to +5V DC (max 5V).
OUT => to Digital pins of arduino . (if the sensor detect a moving object, this pin output gives a LOW (0V) or HIGH (5v) level signal.)
GND => to ground.

More documentation will be soon available on our site, by section “download”.



Thanx a lot for your precise and quick answer !



Followup question: I’m trying to tune my PIR sensor to bring down the time delay, but I can only get it down to about 6 seconds. I know the documentation lists the range as .3 -18 seconds. I’ve turned the screw CCW as far as it can go, but I’ve also noticed that the turn range is only about 240 degrees due to the design of the screw. Any clues as to what I’m doing wrong?

Likewise, and I haven’t tested the sensitivity yet - but is there a known range for the sensitivity? (i.e. 1-9m) Or is there no standard unit for this? I didn’t see any range noted in the manual.



Dear James,

The info in the manual and the specifications on our website about: the ON delay time (RP1 adjusting) are wrong.
The ON delay time is between: 3sec. to 3min 20sec. This wil be soon as possible corrected.

The specifications regarding the sensitivity range are requested from our manufacturer.

Vellman Support