VMA404 fake LM2596?

Been testing the VMA404 a bit. And draw 1Amp at 12Volt source to 5Volt output. And found out the board gets very and very hot! And start to investigate about the LM. I know there a lot of fake LM2965s around the internet from China. And purchased a Velleman to be sure to get a genuine one. But now I’m hesitating about the LM2965 on the Velleman board. Datasheet it says switching frequency should be 150kHz and that fake ones are producing 50kHz. Now I’m measuring with a basic scope at the output but so far I can see there is a 50kHz switching frequency! Not the 150kHz. Can any body can confirm this as well?

Dear sir,

First of all, thank you for your message.
We have already asked this to our manufacturer and he confirms that the used IC’s are original, from National Semiconductor.
With the information and results that you give us, we will also investigate that ourselves, this will take some time, but we will let you know, the results.

Hello Vel456,

Thank you for your reply and happy that Velleman is taking action. I made some pictures from my setup and that it shows a triggered 50kHz signal with no load. So that just only the switching be seen.

Was wondering if there is any news about the board? :slight_smile:

Couple months passed by now. Still wondering about the investigation.

Hi Vonkie

Sorry for the delayed answer. But we can confirm these are unfortunately fake.
Just to be clear we never intended to use fake ICs. We’ve corrected this now with our supplier.
And the next batch should be with legitimate ICs.

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Hi VEL337,

Thank you for your reply. Never had the doubt Velleman intended to use fake IC’s. Since I now have a fake module is it possible to exhange or get a new one from Velleman?

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