VMA405 - cannot load library


Trying to load the library for this board and, each time, I receive this message:


[] [HFjvFqIp] 400 invalid_request: attribute “name” of request is missing and required, attribute: name, parent: request

I’m following the instructions in the guide PDF to the letter - is there something wrong with the library?


After you unzip the library copy the folder and paste it into the library folder of your software.


Let me be more specific: I’m using Arduino Create - create.arduino.cc - on a Pixelbook and, when I import the .ZIP file as the program instructs, I get the aforementioned error. Arduino Create only imports the ZIP file. There isn’t a copy/paste operation. I even tried unzipping the archive, rezipping the two items, and importing that. No good. Perhaps there’s something wrong with the file?
I am able to import other libraries successfully.


Any possibility of someone from Velleman answering here?