Voltage buildupbetween bed and nozzle

I noticed electrial discharges happening when the Extruder nozzle passes over one of the screws of the hetbed.I initially thought of static having built up due to the bearings rubbing on the rails or something…so I installed a wire between bed and nozzle to Prevent this because I thought it might have someimpact n bed adhesion or print quality etc. Turns out this massively messed with my electronics causing the bed heater to never turn of and have the bed Thermistor produce massively wrong data. I took a measurement and discovered the Voltage to be exactly the 15-16V supplied to the Printer. Has anyone ever had such an issue? Might there anything wrong with the nozzle heater or so?
Thank you!

I have never seen or heard of anything like this.
You should check the wiring from your description it sounds like a short frame.
Did you put the cardboard insulator under the bed?3365

Indeed I did, thats what makes me extra curious…currently investigating if any of the screws holding the heated bed in place have pinched the wiring inside, which so far does mot seem to be the case though…

Just found out: a) occurs even when neither bed nor nozzle are turned on AND also when the nozzle is unplugged in this Scenario
b) the nozzle heater is not faulty, removed it and and probed heater and the rest of the extruder seperately - only extruder positive

I sounds like a short from the heat bed.
Try unplugging the bed and see if it still happens
The reason I say the is the bed is mounted on plastic and is isolated from the frame.
The thought you had about the screw would make sense.

I also wanted to ask if you unplugged the heat bed and meter between the wires and the frame.
Also make sure the back of the card is not touching the frame.