VR001 unusable on Honor 10, looking for a workaround



I have tried to use VR001 module but unfortunately I didn’t succeed to use it with my Honor View 10. Thus, as my phone has an “in-built” IR, I wanted to use an Androïd IR remote application. I checked that communication is OK betwwen samrtphne and VRSSM IR module, I have retrieved commands strings into the allbot documentation but an information I have not seen is the IR protocol used. I’m far to be an IR specialist (in fact I’m a newbie in this!) but I saw that different IR protocol exist like NEC1, NEC2…

Does somene know which protocol must be used? is it a velleman protocol and if yes how to retriiive ptotocol specification? Or do you know if someone succeeded to do what I’d like to do?

Thanks in advance for your help

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Hi Meziane,

We are sending regular UART data at 2400 baud via IR.

The protocol can be reverse engineered by the arduino firmware
but an command look like
<WF 1 200>\r\n
WF is Walk forward
1 is how many steps
200 is the speed
and put it between angle brackets

Or check the app

Hope this was usefull