WFS210 android app


Bought a new WFS210 yesterday.
When I try to download the android app google play says:
“Je apparaat is niet compatibel met deze versie” (your device is not compatible with this version).
My smartphone has Android 6.0.1
Is there another version of the app available?


Unfortunaley for you the app is only available for tablets.
Because there are a lot of buttons we can’t fit it all on a smartphone screen.


Hi, since I had many problems using the WFS210 with Windows 8.1 I actually boiught 2 new Android tablets. Om Acer Iconia Tab 10 I can see 1 osciloscope channel only and the app ocasionally hangs. On Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 I can only see the Demo mode. Once I deselect the Demo mode in Settings, after comming back to the ocsiloscope page, the dialog says "No connection No WFS210 found Demo mode is now running. At the bottom I can see simulataneously Connecting to, but the Demo mode took over already…