What pins is the shield using exactly?

I got one of these to work with a stepper motor, but actually I have two and I want to stack them…I know that I have to pick different channels for the motors, like {2,3,8,9} for one and {4,5,11,12} for the other…but i’ve seen in the forums that the shield also uses A5?? So I want to know, what channels is it actually connecting to in the arduino and which just go straight thru?? I’ve seen the diagram in page 9 but I’m not even sure how people figured out that A5 is being used. I’m gonna connect the second board with jumper wires. Your help is greatly appreciated!


Pin A5 is not being used on that shield. Just stack the 2 motorshields on top of each other and select the correct jumper placement.

are you sure? some of the other threads contain questions about A5 and the diagram does also. I need to use two of these and one is working and the other is not, and I’m wondering whether this is the problem. i’ve de-stacked them and sent one A5 from one to A4 in the other, and it still does not work. I don’t understand the contradicting answers.

To de-stack them, I used jumper wire to plug the 4 channels into the other shield (obviously to non-overlapping pins), and plugged in GND and 5V together also.

Any suggestions?